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The Community Supports Waiver supports both children and adults and includes various Meaningful Day Services and Support Services to support assessed needs.   Based on the person-centered planning process and information that comes out of focus area exploration, a coordinator will work with the person to determine the most appropriate service(s) to support their needs. The Charting the LifeCourse Integrated Star is a useful tool for people, families, and teams to consider an array of integrated supports to achieve the envisioned good life, including those that are publicly or privately funded and based on eligibility, community supports that are available to anyone, relationship based supports, technology, and also take into account the assets and strengths of the individual and family. This tool is helpful to get a more comprehensive look at all the services and supports that may exist in a person’s life, not just eligibility specific supports like Waiver services. Authorized services are based on an assessed need and waiver service requirements as noted in the approved Waiver applications.   For more information related to services, please review the service scope, requirements, limitations, and provider requirements see the federally approved Community Supports Waiver application.   For a quick At A Glance view of the service , please click on the associated service link.

Meaningful Day Services

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Support Services

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