New Continuing Education Procedures

The Board has adopted changes to its Continuing Education Regulations (COMAR 10.60.03). The changes include the following:

  1. Removal of the requirement that a licensee submit evidence of completion to the Board within 90 days of the date of completion of training.
  2. The licensee will no longer submit individual training courses to the Board for approval unless the course provider is not on the Board’s list of approved providers. In those cases, the Board must review and approve the provider and the course.
  3. The Board will no longer track individual licensee’s Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Licensees are responsible for tracking their CEUs and retaining proof of training.
  4. The Board will post approved providers of continuing education on its website. Continuing education from approved providers that is relevant to practice will be accepted by the Board for the number of clock hours indicated by the provider.
  5. The renewal application will have a section for the licensee to list courses taken and hours of credit.
  6. After the renewal cycle, the Board will audit a percentage of the licensees for compliance with the continuing education requirements for renewal.
  7. All licensees that have completed the online license renewal application and submitted their payment to the Board will have their licenses renewed by the Board.
  8. Upon audit notification a licensee shall provide the Board with the following:

    1. Transcripts for courses taken at an accredited educational institution.
    2. Certificates of completion for approved training.
    3. ​Other documentation adequate to establish that training was actually taken.

The Board may take disciplinary action against any licensee who:

  1. Fails to submit the required documentation when requested through audit notification.
  2. Fails to demonstrate completion of the required hours of approved training.
  3. Falsifies or misrepresents any information concerning continuing education on a renewal application.

Training or continuing education is limited to the areas set forth in the Board’s statute under 21-101 (i) (1) through (11).