The State Board of Environmental Health Specialists (the “Board”) operates under the provisions of Title 21 of the Health Occupations Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland. The Board is the licensing authority of environmental health specialists in the State of Maryland. The Board is mandated to protect the public by regulating the practice of environmental health specialists work in Maryland, by licensing qualified environmental health specialists, establishing fees, maintaining a current roster of all licensees, administration of licensing examinations, enforcing current statutes and regulations, adopting new regulations to carry out provisions of the title, suggesting new changes to the title to keep abreast of trends and practice issues, adopting standards of practice for environmental health specialists, verification of credentials, issuance of licenses, establish requirements for and verification of completion of continuing education, investigation of complaints based on alleged violations of regulations and statutes, formal and informal disciplining of licensees, create committees as deemed appropriate to advise the Board. The program is 100% special funded. The fund is supported exclusively by revenues, generated by licensing fees. The Board consists of nine members appointed by the Governor with the advice of the Secretary and the advice of the Senate. Seven members of the Board are licensed environmental health specialists and two members represent the public.

Board History