Autism Commission Membership

One Member of the Senate: Katherine Klausmeier 

One Member of the House: Kirill Reznik 

Deputy Sec. for Behavioral Health: Renata Henry 

State Schools Superintendent or Designee : Marcella Franczkowski, Assistant State Superintendent and Marjorie Shulbank, Education Program Supervisor, Family Services Interagency Branch, Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services

Secretary of Human Resources or Designee: Dorinda Adams, Program Manager, Office of Adult Services 

Secretary of Disabilities or Designee: Kelli Cummings, Director of Community Living Policy

Attorney General or Designee: Kim Cammarata, Assistant AG, Consumer Protection Division

19 Members to be appointed by the Governor: 

Two representatives from different institutions of higher learning located in the State who have clinical and research expertise relating to both children and adults with autism:

  • Andrew Egel, PhD, Professor Special Education, University of Maryland

  • Rebecca Landa, PHD Associate Professor Psychiatry, JHU

An individual employed as a director of special education at a school district located in the state:

  • Ed Feinberg, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

A diagnostician:

  •  Lauren Kenworthy, Ph.D., Children's National Medical Center

A school psychologist:

  • Denise Cedrone, Frederick County Public Schools

A physician specializing in pediatrics who practices in the State:

  • Wendell McKay, MD

Three parents of individuals with autism spectrum disorders, including two parents of an individual under the age of 21 years and one parent of a transitioning youth with autism:

  • Fred Whiton, Jr.

  • Careen Wallace

  • Cynthia M. Hill

Two adults with autism spectrum disorders:

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  • r

A representative from an association of providers of services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities;  and two members of nonprofit organizations in the state who provide services to individuals or families living with autism spectrum disorders and who together represent the provision of lifespan services: 

  • Dr. Scott Hagaman, MD, Medical Director for the Linwood Center

  • H. Angela Mezzomo, Maryland Speech Language Hearing Association

  • The Honorable Karen Montgomery, CSAAC

A representative of the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council:

  • Rachel London, Director of Children and Family Policy

A physical therapist licensed by the State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners:

  • Cristine Ceely, Physical Therapist, Montgomery County Public Schools

An occupational therapist licensed by the State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice:

  • Dr. Lisa Crabtree, Occupational Therapist,  Assistant Professor, Towson University

A representative of a labor organization that represents employees who provide services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders:

  • Debra Perry, President, AFT Healthcare Maryland

A representative of a health insurer, nonprofit health service plan, or health maintenance organization that does business in the State:

  • Carol Samuels Botts, MD, Kaiser Permanente