Working Families

Working Families & Small Business Health Coverage Act


Governor O’Malley championed and the Maryland General Assembly recently passed the Working Families and Small Business Health Coverage Act.  When fully implemented, this Act will provide over 100,000 more Marylanders access to quality, affordable health coverage by expanding Medical Assistance and creating the new Health Insurance Partnership. 


Medical Assistance for Families


Beginning in July 2008, Medical Assistance will provide health insurance for families.  Parents or other family members caring for children with incomes below about $20,000 annually, depending on family size may apply for quality health services that covers doctors’ visits, hospital stays and offers lower co-pays for prescription drugs.   

Health Insurance Partnership


The Health Insurance Partnership helps very small employers who have not been able to offer health insurance in the past to now provide health insurance to their employees.  Eligible small businesses will be able to buy health insurance at about half the cost and rewards individuals for efforts to improve their health.