Commemorative Birth Certificates

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The State of Maryland offers a specially designed Commemorative Birth Certificate for any person born in Maryland. This legal document is a unique keepsake that can be used to celebrate a birth or honor a life. The Certificate is prepared on heirloom-quality paper and features hand calligraphy, an embossed official seal, the signature of Governor Larry Hogan, a quotation from Maryland poet Sister Maura Eichner and a colorful border that includes two Maryland symbols—the Black-Eyed Susan and the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly.

Commemorative Birth Certificate

State law requires that a birth certificate be issued only to the person named on the record, a parent, legal guardian, or an authorized representative having a notarized letter of authorization from any of the individuals named above.

To apply for a Commemorative Birth Certificate, you must present a valid, unexpired, government-issued photo ID displaying a date issued and an expiration date. Applicants unable to supply valid photo ID must present two (2) different items of alternative documentation. Acceptable alternative documents include a pay stub, current car registration, bank statement, letter from a government agency, lease/rental agreement, utility bill with current address, or copy of an income tax return or W-2 form. At least one of these documents must contain the applicant’s current mailing address.

The fee for a Commemorative Birth Certificate is $50.00, of which $25.00 is tax deductible. If the requested birth certificate cannot be found, $26.00 will be refunded along with a Certificate of No Record Found; a $24.00 search fee must be retained as required by Maryland law. Please allow up to 12 weeks for receipt of a Commemorative Certificate.

If you wish to order a Commemorative Birth Certificate by mail, please send a completed application, photocopy of required identification, and a $50.00 check or money order payable to the Division of Vital Records to:

Division of Vital Records
Maryland Department of Health
6764-B Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, Maryland  21215

A portion of the funds collected from the sale of each Commemorative Birth Certificate supports programs and activities for the education, prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect under the Maryland Child Abuse Providers (CHAMP) program at University of Maryland. For more information on the Children’s Trust Fund, please contact Lee Woods at Information about the CHAMP program is available at