Medical Certifiers - FAQ
When should I begin to use MD-EDRS?
There will be a gradual rollout of MD-EDRS beginning on January 1, 2015. You will be notified when your facility should begin using MD-EDRS. Until then, you should continue to prepare death certificates on paper copies.
Will I be required to use MD-EDRS?
Although there will be a gradual rollout of the system, all Medical Certifiers will be required to use MD-EDRS once the system is fully implemented.
What will I need to access MD-EDRS?
You will need a computer with internet connectivity. Users who need to print working copies of certificates will also need a printer.  More information is available in the Configuration Guide.
How do I benefit from using MD-EDRS?
(1) Data entry will be simplified by automatic fill-in of repetitive data, drop-down pick lists and auto population of selected fields.
(2) Corrections can be made easily.
(3) The Medical Certifier can access and sign the record from any location—all that is needed is a computer and internet connectivity.
When can I access MD-EDRS once the system goes live?
Once your facility is given access to MD-EDRS, the system will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How will I be trained on the use of MD-EDRS?
Detailed instruction guides for completing and submitting records are available on this website and include all the information needed to complete the Medical Certifier section of the certificate. In addition, there are instructions built into the MD-EDRS system to assist users in completing each data item on the certificate. Although not mandatory, there will be opportunities for in person training at the Division of Vital Records as well as online training. More information on training will be available in early January. 
What should I do if I discover that I made a mistake when entering data into MD-EDRS?
(1) If the Medical Certifier has not yet signed the record, the change can simply be made to the record.
(2) If the Medical Certifier has signed the record, but a certificate number has not yet been assigned, call 410-764-4671 to unlock the record so you can make the change. The Medical Certifier will have to sign the record again once the change is made.
(3) If the certificate has already been numbered, you must file an amendment.
How will amendments be made to death records filed in MD-EDRS?
Amendments will be made using the current paper copy amendment or supplemental report, just as they are now.