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Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center

Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center Transition

In keeping with the State's policy to provide services in the most integrated setting, the Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center will transition its population from a state institution and into local services provided by the private and public sectors. It is against this backdrop that the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reviewed the services provided at Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center (Upper Shore) and recommended closure to accommodate a transition to community-based alternatives that will provide services to patients in the least restrictive setting available. As a result, consumers with mental health and substance abuse needs will receive the professional care they require consistent with the quality of care provided throughout the state.  

On November 18, 2009 the Board of Public Works approved processing of the budget amendment approving the closure of Upper Shore.  Prior to November 18, the Department developed a transition plan (Alternative Services Plan for Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center) and, as a part of that process, conducted a number of meetings with interested stakeholders. The core of the plan is a proposal by the Mid-Shore Mental Health Systems (the local mental health authority for five shore counties).  The Mid-Shore plan includes an increase of residential services for Kent County’s A.F. Whitsitt Center for co-occurring services and expanded community-based mental health services.  

Additionally, the plan described means of reimbursement for private acute care hospitals and psychiatrists for inpatient care of individuals’ drug and alcohol treatment and mental health needs, as well as setting forth specific efforts the Department would make to find employment for Upper Shore personnel.  

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