MD Department of Health Leadership Development Program: New Supervisors

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Purpose and Overview
The primary purpose of the Maryland Department of Health Leadership Development Program (MDHLDP) is to enhance supervisory effectiveness and capabilities throughout MDH.  The program targets high-potential employees in supervisory positions and provides the foundation for continued growth in leadership.  As attrition rates continue to rise, grooming capable, well-rounded and competent leaders becomes paramount.  This program may also accentuate existing strategic planning efforts.         
The MDHLDP initiative is designed to equip employees with leadership specific skills needed to successfully navigate and lead in a multifaceted state government environment.  Participants will be exposed to a variety of practical leadership tactics while also cultivating an appreciation for diversity and inclusion. 
Lastly, the program also aims to increase information sharing and organizational knowledge among MDH employees.  The selection process is intended to ensure a balanced representation of MDH employees across administrations who will interact as peers during facilitated events.  Participation in this program does not entitle an employee to consideration for promotional opportunities.      
·         Strengthen MDH’s long-term organizational viability by developing progressive future leaders to foster innovative and sustainable solutions to complex issues
·         Develop MDH leaders who can contribute to solving current challenges and contribute to future initiatives throughout the system
·         Improve the MDH operating environment by building trusting relationships that break down silos, facilitate communication and foster collaboration resulting in better health outcomes for MD citizens
·         Foster professional collaboration and learning by having a cross representation of MDH participants.    
Participant Criteria/Eligibility
·         Incumbent (entry-mid level) supervisors
o   A supervisor is defined as someone with the following duties:
§  Supervisor of staff only, not other supervisors
§  Assigns and reviews work of staff
§  Approves leave/timesheets
§  Completes and signs off on employee’s PEP
§  Interviews and selects employees
§  Trains employees
§  Disciplines employees  
·         Demonstrates leadership abilities.
·         Interpersonal skills consistent with leadership excellence.
·         Ability and willingness to Fully Engage in the program.
·         Sincere commitment to development of personal leadership competencies.
·         Endorsed by any MDH manager.  
·         Approval to participate by current manager.   
Program Elements
·         Virtual Community Space – participants are provided access to an online forum designed to foster engagement and collaboration with fellow participants around 10 leadership competencies. 
·         Program Orientation – participants attend a welcome event to receive program resources and information as well as meet fellow participants.  (August 2018)
·         Workshop/Classroom Sessions – participants will develop ten critical leadership skills through participation in 12 concise courses facilitated by Training Services Division staff emphasizing practicality over theory. 
·         Management Style Assessment – participants complete a management style assessment and participate in debriefing session designed to integrate information received.  
·       Action Planning - participants are required to develop a measurable action plan. Also participants meet with their manager to discuss content of the leadership courses and identify opportunities to apply content to any internal projects.  Participants will be asked to present summary or project at the wrap up session.      
·         Shadow Meetings - participants attend at least one management meeting with their manager.  Shadow meetings provide participants a unique opportunity to learn inner workings of the organization and form helpful perspectives.   
·         Advisor Program -  participants identify a leader to help them understand leadership functions in a specific setting and discuss their leadership goals or aspirations. 
·         Reading Assignment – participants will be provided with the book selection at orientation to complete the reading assignment.
·         Wrap-up Session – participants present their action plan culminating activity applying content from the leadership courses and summarizing experience their program experience.   (May 2019)
Leadership Classes 
The core of the MDHLDP will be the 12 classes offered September 2018-March 2019 at the State Center.  All 12 classes will be offered once more between January-March 2019 (Dates TBA).  Each course is brief and to the point running only 2 – 2.5 hours and is facilitated by an experienced Training Services team member.  Participants are required to attend at least 10 classes.  All classes are scheduled 9:30am to 12pm.      
Classes and Dates TBA
First Things First: Building Key Leadership Skills 

Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills for Leaders

Six Fundamental characteristics of the Best Workplace Leaders 

Attitude Adjustment Strategies that Turn Setbacks into Opportunities

Giving Crystal-Clear Instructions That Result in Action Without Any Misunderstanding 
Building Trust and Respect:  How to Earn the Right to Speak and be Heard
How to Hold Employees Accountable for Their Performance
How to Give Feedback Without Causing Defensiveness
Key Listening Strategies for Leaders
Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations
How to Handle Troubled Employees: Identify Them and Prevent Trouble Before It Starts
Twenty-One Career Accelerators
MDHLDP Class Facilitators
Vander Exum – Vander has been a part of the TSD 9+ years.  Vander has vast experience facilitating topics on diversity, conflict and performance management with special interest in group dynamics and performance improvement.  Vander loves dessert and nature walks. 
Tausha Bailey – Tausha has been a part of TSD for less than a year. Tausha has vast experience in the area of train-the-trainer, crisis intervention, creative problem solving, and leadership skills. Tausha enjoys teaching and fashion modeling.
Cynthia Harris – Cynthia has been part of TSD for 15+ years.   Cynthia has vast experience in developing courses for prospective and existing managers, and facilitating topics on developing staff with an emphasis on cultivating soft skills.  She enjoys gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.  
David Mark – David has been a part of TSD for 15+ years.  David has vast experience developing online courses targeting a range of functional areas including leadership skills.  David enjoys woodwork projects.   
Lisa Punter – Lisa has been a part of TSD for less than a year.  Lisa has vast experience in the area of career development and training and takes special interest in work-life balance topics.  Lisa is excited about becoming an “empty-nester.” 
Participant Expectations
During events, participants are expected to:
1.      Challenge themselves to learn and grow
2.      Attend at least 10 classes and all other program events
3.      Participate in all aspects of the program and share what they are learning
4.      Stay current with all assignments
5.      Be open, honest and trustworthy
6.      Be engaged and involved
7.      Ensure all professional responsibilities have been assigned or delegated to someone else while attending classes so participant can focus on course content
8.      Minimize use of electronic devices during class sessions
Participants are also encouraged to:
1.      Use the cohort or group to help with a current work problem
2.      Be candid yet professional during discussions
3.      Offer constructive feedback on the program
4.      Attend in full all planned program events
5.      Share the road during discussions, allowing others to participate
6.      Maintain confidentiality of event discussions and fellow participants   
Participants’ Leadership
Program participants’ leadership should encourage employees in the program to share with them their progress, learn about what they are learning, and offer to provide any feedback or suggestions on the participant’s improvement project. 
Application Procedure
MDH employees can self-select based on interest and ability to meet all program requirements. Interested employees should complete the online application and someone from the Training Services Division will follow up regarding application status.  TSD staff will evaluate applicant qualifications and fit for the program based on desired group composition and capacity.  Overflow will be given the option to be placed on a wait or interest list for the next program.    
Each applicant will need to submit an endorsement form as part of their application.  The endorser will make a recommendation regarding the applicant’s supervisory performance and potential on 10 leadership competencies, and provide narrative comments if desired.  The endorser may be any MDH manager and does not have to be the applicants’ current manager.  However, the applicant’s current manger must approve applicant’s participation in the program.     
 Ten Core Leadership Competencies
Accountability & Ownership
Change Management
Motivation & Attitude Improvement
Fostering Diversity
Relationship Building
Conflict Resolution
1.  The endorser will first provide a “recommendation” for the program candidate. 
The three options are:
Highly recommend
Not at this time
2.  The endorser then “assesses supervisory performance” using the same scale as the PEP system.    The options are:
3.  The endorser next provides an “assessment of potential” on leadership competencies.  The options are:
Ability demonstrated commensurate with expectations of team member
Ability demonstrated commensurate with expectations of senior-manager
Ability demonstrated commensurate with expectations of mid-manager
Ability demonstrated commensurate with expectations of supervisor
Little to no ability demonstrated
4.  The endorser also has the option to include any narrative comments that will not be reviewed by the rating panel but will be shared with the applicant.