Soil and Site Evaluation Regulatory Reference

COMAR 26.04.02
The Office of Environmental Health is responsible for conducting soil/site evaluations on parcels of land which are being considered for on-site sewage disposal suitability.     
Typically, soil/site evaluations are conducted during the time of the year when the ground water table is at its highest, as indicated by the monitoring of several observation wells located throughout the County.  This time of the year is often referred to as the Wet Season Testing period.  The length/duration of this testing period is contingent on precipitation and therefore, the length of the wet season testing period will fluctuate in duration from year to year.  

Applications for wet season soil/site evaluations must be accompanied by a written report from a soil consultant which delineates a proposed Sewage Disposal Area on the subject land.  (See guidelines/memorandum and list of soil consultants from information provided below.)  Each year the Office of Environmental Health sets a deadline for the submission of wet season soil/site evaluation applications.  This deadline, which is  outlined in the wet season packet,  is set to provide time for the applicant to prepare the site for evaluation before the seasonal ground water table impacts the preparation​ of the site for testing/monitoring.  Anyone interested in learning more about the wet season soil/site evaluation process may contact this office at 410-770-6880.  

A completed soil/site evaluation application includes the following:
  1. A detailed soil evaluation/consultant's report
  2. A copy of the deed of the property indicating when the parcel was created (Note: This requirement is not applicable to applications associated with the subdivision of land.)
  3. The required soil/site evaluation fees

Incomplete applications for soil/site evaluations will not be accepted.