Individual Water Supply

Regulatory References COMAR 26.04.01, 26.04.04
Applications to drill a water well in Talbot County must be submitted to this office by a Master Well Driller.  An application for a Permit to Drill a well must be accompanied by the required fee, as well as Talbot County Well Permit Accessory Form.  Once the permit has been issued, the well driller is responsible for contacting this office prior to well construction to schedule a well construction inspection and/or a well grout inspection.  Once well construction is completed, the well driller must submit a  Well Completion Report to this office.
All new drinking water supply wells and/or replacement wells, must receive a Certificate of Potability​ in order to receive final Health Department approval.  The property owner is responsible for soliciting the services of a State Certified Water Testing Laboratory, (see enclosed list) to have a sample of the new well water analyzed for the following parameters:  coliform bacteria, nitrates, arsenic and turbidity. The well must be free of bacteria as determined from the submission of two consecutive satisfactory analysis for coliform bacteria collected a minimum of 24 hours apart.   The results of all sampling  must be submitted to this office to determine regulatory compliance.