Food Protection Program

Regulatory Reference COMAR 10.15.03​

The food protection program is responsible for the licensing and inspection all retail food service establishments in Talbot County.  Additionally, all food facility plan reviews associated with new facility construction or existing facility remodeling must be submitted to this office for review and approval prior to commencement of construction. 

Any individual or entity proposing a temporary food event  in the County must submit an application to this office for a Temporary Food Service Facility Permit.  (Note:  There is no fee associated with the submittal of this application.)  Any application for a temporary food service facility event must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event.

Food Service Facility Individual Links: COMAR 10.15.03​ 


Please be advised, the following applications/forms must be submitted to this office in association with applying for a permit to operate a retail food service establishment: 


A plan review is required for all newly constructed food service facilities, as well as for any material alterations or remodeling of existing food service facilities.

A Plan Review Application will not be reviewed until all information, as well as the required fee, have been submitted.  The Plan Review Application, see link below,  provides a detailed list of information which must be provided to this office at the time of the submittal of the plan review application. Once plans have been reviewed and approved, the applicant is advised in writing of the findings and is informed that a final inspection of the construction must be completed by this office prior to operation.



Farmer's Market Food Vendors: Vendors must submit an evaluation form.  If offering samples, they must also submit an application for a Seasonal Farmer's Market Sampling License and the required application fee..


Cottage Foods:  Per COMAR 10.15.03, includes foods that are non-potentially hazardous, prepared and packaged in a residential kitchen, and offered only at a farmer's market or public event.  For more information on cottage food laws and labeling, click HERE.

Processing: The following foods may not be manufactured at a retail food service facility and must receive prior approval and/or be licensed by DHMH Office of Food Protection:

  • low-acid canned foods
  • acidified foods
  • hermetically sealed and ready-to-eat potentially hazardous foods such as smoked fish or pasteurized crabmeat

For licensing requirements for baked goods, canned products, and other agriculture products see Processing and Selling Value Added Food Products in Maryland.pdf

**Please see COMAR "Food Manufacturing in Food Service Facilities" for more details on submitting plans to this office for review and approval.**

Juicing:  Please visit the FDA's website on Juice HACCP Guidance for   more information on requirements.   


Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Food Protection

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA Recalls

FDA Certified Shellfish Shippers List

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

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