Building Permits

Regulatory Reference COMAR 26.04.02
The Office of Environmental Health assists with the review and approval of building permit applications.  After filing an application for building permit with the Talbot County Office of Permits and Inspection, the applicant is advised to provide this office with the following information:  A copy of the building permit application, a copy of an accurate to-scale site plan of the property that incorporates all required site data, a copy of the floor plans of the proposed construction, as well as a completed application for sanitary construction, (if applicable).  A building permit review fee is assessed based on the value of construction, which is provided on the building permit application, (see Fee tab in the EH Menu).  
The building permit application is reviewed to determine potential impacts to individual water supply wells, and on-site sewage disposal systems.  A review of the property record on file with the office of Environmental Health is made to assist with the review of the pending building permit application.  An application for Sanitary Construction must be submitted when a determination has been made that the proposed building construction requires modification, or expansion to an existing on-site sewage disposal system, or the installation of a new on-site sewage disposals system. The issuance of a Sanitary Construction Permit then becomes a condition of approval of the building permit.    
The status of a building permit can be checked using a parcel ID or a building permit number on Talbot County's Citizen Self-Serve (see link below).

NOTE:  Prior to the submittal of a formal building permit application it may be beneficial to contact the Office of Environmental Health to discuss the proposed building construction in relation to the information on file associated with the on-site sewage disposal system.  This preliminary review/discussion will provide the property owner with insight into the requirements for on-site sewage disposal​ as they relate to the proposed building construction thus enabling the owner to plan accordingly.
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