Bay Restoration Fund (BRF)

Bay Restoration Fund (BRF)

To help achieve Maryland's nutrient loading goals for the Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Bays, as well to protect the groundwater of the State, the Maryland Department of the Environment provides financial assistance in the form of grants to implement regulations for on-site sewage disposal systems that utilize Best Available Technology (BAT).  The Bay Restoration Fund  (BRF) was created to provide financing for Chesapeake Bay clean up efforts.  A portion of the funds was designated to provide homeowners with grant financing for septic system upgrades.  An upgrade is the addition of Best Available Technology or "BAT", for nitrogen removal.  Bay Restoration Funds may also be used in association with the costs of connecting a dwelling or business to a public sewer system.

Individual residential or business owners interested in obtaining more information regarding BRF Grant availability​ should contact the Talbot County Department of Public Works at (410) 770-8170. 


MDE Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Information

Talbot County Department of Public Works​