Bids for Procurements

Procurement of Services 01/08/2018 (Click Here)​​


Questions and Answers for Procurement of Services

Due January 22, 2018 by 4:30PM



The following questions and answers were specifically for items 3 and 4 in the attached document.


Q: Includes writing content? 

A:  Yes, does not include printing


Q:  Deadline for submitting questions?

A:  You can submit written questions up to January 22nd which is when all proposals are due by 4:30PM.


Q:  Is there a format for submissions to be submitted, items to include?

A:  Submissions can be informal and include:

  1.  ​Experience
  2. What can be provided and at what cost


Q:  What is the budget for the projects?

A:  Trying to keep item/project 3 and 4 under $10,000


Q.  Can the work be done remotely or does it need to be done in person?

A:  It can be done remotely and/or in person.