Medical Assistance Personal Care Program

These three programs work hand-in-hand to provide community services and supports.  They empower older adults and people with disabilities to live in the community.

  • Community Options Waiver
  • Community First Choice (CFC)
  • Community Personal Assistance Services (CPAS)

About the Programs

What do these programs offer and who do they serve?

The programs provide assistance with activities of daily living to Medicaid recipients who have a chronic illness, medical condition or disability.  Services are provided in the eligible individual’s home or community residence (waiver participants may receive services in an assisted living facility).  Other services in each program vary.  Please see each program’s fact sheet for information about the specific services provided through the program.

How do I apply to receive these services?

To apply, please contact the Department at 410-767-1739.  Qualified applicants must meet both the Medicaid Program’s financial and medical requirements.  An assessment completed by your Local Health Department determines medical eligibility.  Financial eligibility is determined by either the local Department of Social Services or by the Maryland Department of Health.  Once you are determined eligible, each participant or his or her representative will choose an approved Supports Planning Agency to guide them through developing a plan for services.

What services are provided?

Services provided in the program include assistance or items that substitute for assistance, with the following activities of daily living:

  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Mobility, including transferring from place to place
  • Eating
  • Dressing

Individuals who need help with activities of daily living may also receive help with:

  • Household services related to medical needs
  • Escort services to a medical appointment
  • Personal hygiene and grooming

Personal Care Program

This program may be helpful to you or someone you know that is:

  • Eligible for Medical Assistance
  • Chronically ill
  • Disabled and under a doctor´s care for a chronic illness or disability
  • Needs help with simple daily activities
  • Moderately at risk of institutionalization (i.e. nursing home)

Referrals can be accepted at Talbot County Health Department by telephone, fax, mail, or in person.   A licensed registered nurse will complete an evaluation for services in the client’s home or place of residence.  Medical information from the client’s medical provider is required.

Talbot County Health Department Contact Info:

Phone:  410-819-5640

Fax:  410-819-5660

More information 

Maryland Home and Community Based services, fact sheets, and forms:

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