Environmental Health Program

This program is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of state regulations as delegated by the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The program provides the following:
  • Food Protection: conduct routine inspections of licensed food establishments, review plans for new food facilities, investigate food borne outbreaks, issue permits for special food events, and educate food service employees on safe food handling.
  • Sewer Program: evaluate soil suitability for sewage disposal systems, inspect sewage disposal installations, investigate complaints of sewage disposal, license/educate contactors regarding proper septic installations, review and authorize proposed subdivisions, and review building permits applications.
  • Water Program: inspect proposed well site locations to determine compliance with State regulation, review & approve well permit applications.
  • Rabies Program: provide 24 hour on –call service for human or pet exposure to suspected rapid animals; provide periodic rabies clinics for vaccination of cats, dogs and ferrets.
Other responsibilities include:
  • Outdoor Air Quality (open burning)
  • Public Swimming Pools/Spas (licensure)