Map of Baltimore - 1801

This early image of  the Hospital is from an 1801 map of the city of Baltimore.  Although it may depict Captain Yellott's Retreat, it is more likely that it shows the "new" hospital building that was built on the site in 1798. Not shown in this view is Market Street (today's Broadway), which would be to the west of the hospital (to the left).  The street indicated by the dotted line that runs across the top of the map is the Old Road to Philadelphia, which was also known as the Old Joppa Road.  Although not labeled on the map, the road that runs to the right of the hospital is roughly where the current Wolfe St. is located.  The original hospital stood almost exactly where the domed Administration Building of Johns Hopkins Hospital stands today. The 1798 building was later incorporated into an expanded hospital building, as part of the west wing.