The Former Site of the Maryland Hospital for the Insane, at Baltimore Founded 1797

Photograph Taken Sometime Between 1873 and 1877

Buildings Razed to Make Room for the Johns Hopkins Hospital

This photograph is of the former site of the Maryland Hospital for the Insane at Baltimore, and the future site of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. It was taken sometime between 1873 (when most of the Maryland Hospital buildings were razed) and 1877 (when construction of the Johns Hopkins Hospital began). Note that part of what appears to be the eastern section of the wall that once surrounded the hospital is still standing. The Maryland Hospital buildings, together with approximately 13 acres of land, bordered by Monument Street to the north; Broadway to the west; Jefferson Street to the south; and Wolfe Street to the east, were sold to Mr. Johns Hopkins in 1870. Mr. Hopkins took possession of the property after the Maryland Hospital and its patients were relocated to the Hospital's current location at Spring Grove in Catonsville, MD in 1872. Mr. Hopkins died on Christmas Eve, 1873, at which time most of the site had been cleared. The view in the photograph is, apparently, from Wolfe Street, looking west.