Depiction of the Hospital in the Vicinity of Baltimore

This depiction of the "Hospital in the Vicinity of Baltimore" (later, Spring Grove Hospital Center) is an illustration found on an 1822 map of the City of Baltimore.  The caption above the picture reads: "Hospital -- In Hospital Square. Built by Balt[imore] County."  The reference to Baltimore County should not be confused with the modern-day political jurisdiction of the same name.  Instead, it refers to the fact that much of the money used to build the hospital came from Baltimore and its environs.  The bottom portion of the picture notes that the hospital was "Enlarged by Donations from the State of Maryland [and] cost $140,000"as of 1822. The artist's name is illegible.
Note: "Hospital Square" is labeled as the facility's location on several maps, including a map of 1819, over a period of several years.