Baltimore 1822

This selection is from an "overlay" map compares Baltimore in the 1850s with Baltimore as it existed in 1822. Note that the hospital's "footprint" is shown in black, above the word "Square" in the above image. The 1822 location of the Old Joppa Road (also known the Old Road to Philadelphia) can be seen as a faint series of dotted lines that run east-west immediately above the hospital building's outline. Records indicate that the Old Joppa Road was eventually abandoned by the City of Baltimore, and was purchased by the Hospital sometime after 1822. The drawing suggests that at some point several other buildings, including a Lutheran and a Baptist church, were located nearby. The black square, just above the letters "AL" in "Hospital," was the home of the Hospital's Superintendent, built by the Hospital in 1847 at a cost of $10,000. In 1822, the Hospital's property did not extend north of the Old Joppa Road. However, through a series of purchases, by 1834 its grounds extended all the way north to Monument St. Early maps indicate that the land immediately south of the Hospital building was used by the hospital to grow crops, and early reports prepared by the Hospital's management not only record the Hospital's agricultural yields, they stress the health promoting effects of wholesome, fresh foods. The small Street that cuts into the southwest corner of "Hospital Square" in the above image was called "Walker Street."