Reserving a Room
(Cottages 5 and 13)
To reserve a room, please contact Ms. Juanita White, Spring Grove's International Student Program Coordinator, or her assistant, Ms. Theresa Gordon, at 410.402.7456. Rooms are available for reservation on a first come, first serve basis. We are unable to confirm reservations for rooms in Cottages 5 and 13 until WE have received verification from your school that you have been scheduled to do a rotation at Spring Grove. You will need to speak directly by telephone with Ms. White or Ms. Gordon in order to make a reservation for a room in the student cottages; please do not attempt to reserve a room by fax, letter, e-mail, or voice-mail. Such requests will not be honored. Ms. White and Ms. Gordon are available Mon-Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. (Eastern Time).  Please note that students may not occupy or use either Cottage before the first day of the rotation, and students may not remain after the rotation has ended (sorry, no exceptions). The two cottages are nearly identical, and room assignments are made at the sole discretion of the Program Coordinator.  Please advise the Program Coordinator if you should require a special accommodation or if you would prefer to share a room with another medical student with whom you are partnered and who will be rotating at Spring Grove at the same time as you. (Rooms are otherwise single occupancy.) Ground-floor bedrooms in Cottage 5 may be available for students who have difficulty managing stairs. Partnered students who wish to share a room will generally be placed in Cottage 13.  Both cottages are completely non-smoking.
Housing in Cottages 5 and 13 is provided on a first come, first serve basis as part of the training experience. There is no additional cost to medical students (University of Maryland students and students in the International Student Training Program at Spring Grove). Those students who do not require a bedroom may still use the common (living) rooms, libraries and kitchens during reasonable hours. Both Cottages are located in the 'Employee Cottages' section of the 'Employee Village' (key #11 on the Campus Map). Both houses are two-story center-hall colonials.  They were built in 1942 on the grounds of Spring Grove Hospital Center to provide living quarters for hospital employees during the World War II, and both have been recently remodeled and substantially updated.  Both cottages have new kitchens, wiring, plumbing, furniture, appliances, floor coverings, drywall, lighting fixtures, window treatments, heat pumps and central air-conditioning. Housing in Cottages 5 and 13 is available only to medical students, and only while the student is rotating at Spring Grove (core rotations and electives). Bedrooms are intended for single occupancy. Couples may elect to share a room if both partners are currently rotating medical students at Spring Grove. (Please notify the Spring Grove Housing Coordinator in advance if you would like to share space with another student.) Cottage 5 has six bedrooms and has a maximum occupancy of six students.  Cottage 13 has five bedrooms and has a maximum occupancy of six students. Each bedroom includes a full-size bed, nightstand, mirrored dresser, desk and desk chair, telephone, data jack, lamps, wall-to-wall carpet, a clock radio and either one or two clothes closets. Rooms in Cottage 5 have an upholstered chair in each room.  Each bedroom has telephone service with a private number and individualized voicemail.  Local calls are free (dial 9).  Phone cards or credit cards must be used to make any long distance or other toll call. A separate data jack is also provided in each bedroom.  Students who bring personal computers may access the Internet from their rooms through the phone line (modem required), or through the data jack (Ethernet card and cable required). The hospital provides a single shared computer with printer in each cottage.  These computers are located in the cottages' Common Rooms, and each computer has Internet access through the hospital�s network. Visitors are permitted during reasonable hours, but overnight guests are not allowed. No pets are permitted. Food, toiletries, incidentals and cleaning products are not provided. Each bedroom locks and is keyed separately. Cottage 5 has two completely remodeled ceramic tiled bathrooms that include all new fixtures: vanity sinks, toilets and showers (no tubs). Cottage 13 has two updated 'retro' (circa 1942) ceramic tiled bathrooms that include tub/shower combinations.  Each kitchen is equipped with a range, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, and dryer.  Cottage 13's kitchen also includes a garbage disposal. All dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, and cooking utensils are provided.  (*See below for a detailed list.) Students are responsible for housekeeping and are expected to maintain both personal and shared living spaces in good order at all times. A vacuum sweeper, mop, broom and certain other cleaning supplies are provided by the hospital. Weapons of any sort are not permitted in the Student Cottages or anywhere on the campus of Spring Grove Hospital Center. Professional housekeeping services are not provided during the rotations. Charges for missing or broken items apply. You may not use space heaters, hot plates, electric grills and toaster ovens in the bedrooms. Both Cottages are within several hundred feet of Spring Grove's dining establishment, the Caf on the Grove. Rooms must be reserved in advance. Please note that space is limited and Spring Grove cannot guarantee that a room in either cottage will necessarily be available during your rotation.  Cottages 5 and 13 offer dormitory space, study areas, dining facilities, student lounges and as a base of operation for third and fourth year medical students during clinical rotations at Spring Grove Hospital Center. Under special conditions, students who occupy Cottages 5 and 13 may be called upon to provide clinical assistance on a 24-hour basis. Accordingly, there is no charge. Under Maryland law, smoking is not permitted in either cottage. Students are required to sign a written agreement with Spring Grove prior to occupancy, and must pledge to abide by the rules that apply to the student cottages.  The Hospital reserves the right to deny continued access to the cottages in the event that the student fails to abide by the rules or engages in disruptive behaviors, and a student's final grade may be withheld in the event that a student fails to make restitution for damages that are not caused by normal wear. Please see the Medical Student Manual for additional information about student housing.  
*List of Household Items Provided:
Fitted sheets (two sets, with pillow cases), blankets/bedspreads, pillows, bath towels, wash cloths, clothes hangers, laundry hampers, clock radios,  waste baskets, kitchen trash baskets, outdoor garbage cans, floor mats, door mats, service for 16 in dishes (plus serving pieces) in each cottage, service for 16 in  water glasses and juice glasses in each cottage, service for 8 additional stemmed glasses (cottage 13), service for 12 in flatware (each cottage), knife sets, baking sets (with cookie sheets, cake pans, etc.), mixing bowels, sugar bowls and creamers, water pitchers, juice pitchers, 12-piece sets of  pots & pans, measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, pancake turners, salt and pepper shakers, slotted spoons, cork screw, coasters, electric coffee makers, tea kettles, blenders, electric mixers, toasters, dish cloths, dish towels, irons and ironing boards, electric can openers, canister sets, pot holders, cutting boards, microwave bake sets, kitchen clock (Cottage 13), small electric grill (Cottage 5). Televisions are located in the shared lounges in each cottage.  Digital satellite television service is offered in both cottages' shared lounges. Cottages 5 and 13 each have a VCR and a DVD player connected to the lounge television. 
*What You Will Need:
Spring Grove does not provide food or beverages, cleaning supplies, replacement light bulbs (during the rotation), toilet paper, paper towels, personal hygiene products, writing paper, garment hangers, or other incidentals.  We recommend that you plan to purchase any perishable groceries which you may require AFTER the first day orientation concludes since you will not be able to take occupancy of the cottage until after the orientation.