Department of Nursing


The Department of Nursing is led by the Nursing Executive Council, consisting of the following individuals:

Director of Nursing - Wilma Maye-Eady, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing - Abimbola Adesina, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing - Bala Hall, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing - Evangeline Okechukwu, RN

The Nursing Executive Council is responsible for providing direction and leadership to the department.

The Nursing Leadership Council, which consists of all of the above, plus the Central Nursing Office supervisory staff, Clinical Nurse Specialists and unit Head Nurses meets twice monthly to keep updated on new policies and initiatives and to make operational decisions for the nursing staff. The Council members are:

CNO Manager --
Recruiter – (Call 410.402.7143)
Clinic Manager – Renee Dashields, RN
Clinical Nurse Specialists - Currently Recruiting


The mission of the Department of Nursing at Spring Grove Hospital Center is to maximize the potential of every patient through the provision of comprehensive psychiatric nursing care.


Spring Grove Hospital Center nurses will be recognized as leaders in psychiatric nursing because of our cutting edge clinical and administrative skills.

We will foster growth and self-actualization while promoting team cohesiveness.

We will, therefore, make a difference in the lives of those we serve.


We embrace the Spring Grove Hospital Centers values which are:

Collaboration and Teamwork: Together we achieve more. We recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Communication: Open and multi-directional dialogue promotes our mission and vision.

Diversity: Our diversity as a staff allows us to effectively treat patients who come from diverse backgrounds.

Efficient Use of Resources: We take pride in the fact that we accomplish a lot with our available resources.

Education and Training: We are committed to the belief that education promotes individual growth and well-being. Our services are extending to patients, staff, families, and the community at large.

Empowerment: Stakeholders at all levels are involved in decisions that impact upon their interests.

Humanistic Attitudes: We care about one another and recognize the critical importance of respect and integrity.

Professional Competency and Ethics: We are committed to providing the highest level of services to our customers in a manner consistent with the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Promotion of Patient Rights and Responsibilities: We know that dignity and the patient bill of rights promotes healing.

Research and Innovation: In order to keep up with the sciences of our professions we support and participate in change, research and innovation.

Safe Environments: We recognize that a safe environment promotes growth and healing.

This is the Spring Grove I envision. And it is not a dream. Help me to make it a reality. Together, we can do it.

March, 1998


The Department of Nursing is actively engaged in a number of staff development activities for all classifications of staff.


  • ANA Pre-certification course*
  • Supervisor Training Course
  • Ongoing supervisory training in each bi-monthly meeting of the Nursing Leadership Council
  • Psychiatric Nursing Internship**

* ANA Pre-Certification Course: This 2-day course is especially designed to prepare psychiatric nurses to pass the ANA psychiatric nursing pre-certification course. However, Spring Grove RN's who do not wish to apply for this this national certification can participate in the Spring Grove Hospital Center Psychiatric Nursing Certification program. In order to be honored with this local certification, the RN must have worked in psychiatric nursing at least one year, receive at least a "meets standards" on the performance evaluation, and take the pre-certification course and pass the exam. Nurses who are successful in obtaining either certification are pictured on a special bulletin board in the lobby of the Smith Building.

** Psychiatric Nursing Internship: The Psychiatric Nurse Internship is a 6-week program designed to orient nurses without psychiatric experience to the specialized profession of psychiatric nursing. It is the philosophy of the program that during the internship period, interns are best served by being exposed to a variety of approaches to conceptualized psychopathology, assessment, and clinical interventions. To facilitate this learning, the program will employ two distinct phases using a wide range of teaching approaches, and clinical exposures as interns rotate through three Specialty Divisions.


  • DCA Patient Management Course
  • DCA Role Model Recognition Program
  • P.A.T.I.E.N.T. Program