Learning Resources

Our Vision

As an educational team we believe that continuous improvement is essential and that our customers are the focus of everything we do.

Our Mission

The Department of Learning Resources will continuously improve educational resources for our patients, staff, students and the local professional community. This learning environment will promote quality and excellence in our healthcare organization by the use of the following:

  • Education and Training
  • Professional Competency
  • Collaboration and Teamwork

Our Goal

To help create and maintain a learning organization by providing educational experiences in professional and personal mastery; teamwork; and systems thinking.

We Continuously Improve Our Learning Environment

Program Descriptions

A. Staff Development and Training

Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education programs that provide quantitative and qualitative information beyond the staff member's basic professional standards, including CME's for physicians, and CEU's for psychologists. All professional disciplines receive continuing education programming including clinical, administrative and support staff. Offerings are made on an interdisciplinary basis when feasible.

In-Service Programs

In-service activities provide basic information on specific topics responsive to the professional competency needs of line service staff, medical staff, administration, support staff and from improvement programs.

In-service education is provided for professional, paraprofessionals and administrative and support personnel. In-service provide the nurse, physician, social worker, rehabilitation therapist, psychologist, administrator and other staff with information on policies, procedures and products. It also provides an opportunity for review and/or supervised practice of essential skills and techniques. Attendance at Mandatory In-Service programs is monitored and quarterly computerized reports are distributed to management staff.

Orientation Programs

General Orientation Programs are designed to meet the needs of all employees including clinical, professional, paraprofessional, administrative and support personnel. Programs are designed to reduce costly employee turnovers, and to promote safety. Programs are mandated by the State of Maryland, The Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Orientation programs include General New Employee Orientation; Professional Student Core Curriculum Orientation; RN-LPN Orientation; Orientation to Addicted Patients; Orientation to Total Quality Management; and DCA Orientation. In addition orientation is provided to nursing students affiliating at Spring Grove.

Employee Career Development

Career Development is enhanced through the use of Release Time, and Work/Study Programs. Community educational resources are made available to employees as appropriate to their academic attainment.

Tuition Reimbursement is available for staff taking credit courses directly related to current patient services and responsibilities.

B. Students in Professional Training

The Department of Learning Resources, through the Interdisciplinary Student Training Advisory Group, coordinates Center activities involving students in professional training at Spring Grove Hospital Center.

The Students in Professional Training Program provides administrative coordination, student orientation, and grievance and disciplinary mechanisms for all students placed at Spring Grove Hospital Center. Learning opportunities for students include administrative, clinical and research placements for undergraduate and graduate students. To facilitate administrative consistency and quality among students programs, an interdisciplinary group of training program managers, the Interdisciplinary Student Training Advisory Group, a subcommittee of the Medical Staff's CME Committee, meets quarterly.

C. Patient Education

Department of Learning Resources offers re-entry skill classes to the Centers patients. Courses are taught by instructors from the Community College of Baltimore County. Classes are held both centrally and unit based. Included are classes on Stress Management; Decision Making; Community Living Skills; and Substance Abuse Education.

D. Chemical Dependency Consultative and Training Service

The Chemical Dependency Consultative and Training Services Program is designed to assist designated Addiction Therapists in developing and maintaining competency in treating the dually diagnosed patient. This is achieved through periodic continuing education in the area of chemical dependency and through regular group meetings with Addictions Therapists to provide consultative expertise on patient care issues. Addiction Education classes are held on the admission wards for patients by the DLR. Coordinator of Special Programs; Addictions.

E. Library Services

There are both patient and staff libraries located on the hospital grounds. Both libraries will share an online catalog that can be accessed from any location within the hospital that is equipped with a LAN connection. Both libraries have computer workstations and printers. All libraries provide interlibrary loans; Literature Searches; and Telephone Reference Services. Professional library memberships include the interlibrary loan network via Pratt Library for the United States. Membership also includes the Maryland Association of Health Sciences Librarian and the Mid-Atlantic Health Science Librarian Association.

F. Continuous Quality Improvement

The Department of Learning Resources performance improvement plan is designed to monitor coordinate and evaluate the delivery of educational services to patients, staff, students and the local professional community. The performance improvement process will promote quality and excellence in our health care organization by the use of the following:

  • Education and Training
  • Professional Competency
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Efficient Use of Resources

For Information on Learning Resources
Please call 410 - 402 -7040

All classes are held in the Tuerk Building unless otherwise noted.
Call 7832 to register for classes.

Classes listed with a phone number please call that number to register for the class.