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27BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF NURSES10.27.01Examination and Licensure
10.27.02Hearing Procedures
10.27.03Nursing Education Programs
10.27.04Methadone Dispensing
10.27.05Practice of Nurse-Midwifery
10.27.06Practice of Nurse Anesthetist
10.27.07Practice of the Nurse Practitioner
10.27.08Petition for Declaratory Ruling
10.27.09Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses
10.27.10Standards of Practice for Licensed Practical Nurses
10.27.11Delegation of Nursing Functions
10.27.12Nurse Psychotherapist in Independent Practice (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
10.27.13Rehabilitation Committee
10.27.14Transferred to COMAR 10.07.03
10.27.15Open Meetings - Attendance and Recording, Photographing, and Broadcasting of Sessions
10.27.16Registered Nurse - Worker's Compensation Medical Case Manager
10.27.17Advanced Practice Nurses — HCACC User Fee Collection — Repealed
10.27.18Monetary Penalties
10.27.19Code of Ethics
10.27.20Management of Infusion Therapy by the Registered Nurse and the Licensed Practical Nurse
10.27.21Registered Nurse-Forensic Nurse Examiner
10.27.22Multistate Licensure Compact Regulations
10.27.23Code of Conduct of Board Members and Investigators
10.27.24Compelling Purpose Disclosure
39NURSING ASSISTANTS10.39.01Certification of Nursing Assistants
10.39.02Nursing Assistant Training Programs
10.39.03Certified Medicine Aides
10.39.04Medication Technicians
10.39.05Standards of Practice for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
10.39.07Certified Nursing Assistants / Certified Medication Technicians (CNA/CMT) - Code of Ethics
10.53.03Electrology Examination
10.53.04Continuing Education
10.53.05Standards of Practice and Conduct
10.53.06Electrology Programs
10.53.07Electrologist's Office
10.53.08Instruments and Procedures
10.53.09Sterilization Procedures
10.53.11Rehabilitation Committee
10.27.25Cosmetic Procedures
10.27.26Sanctioning Guidelines
10.27.27Practice of Clinical Nurse Specialist
10.53.13Examination for Special Needs Applicants — Repealed
10.53.14Monetary Penalties — Repealed
64BOARD OF NURSING - LICENSED DIRECT-ENTRY MIDWIVES10.64.01Practice of Licensed Direct-Entry Midwives