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:, .06, .09, .11, .15, .24-.28, and .30 Food Service Facilities

Reg Name, .06, .09, .11, .15, .24-.28, and .30 Food Service Facilities


The purpose of this action is to conform regulations to changes made to food safety laws by legislation passed during the 2018 and 2019 General Assembly sessions (338-339 and Chapters 491 of the Acts of 2018 and Chapters 230 and 370-371 of the Acts of 2019). The proposed action:

(1) Amends definitions related to cottage foods, micro markets, excluded organizations, and temporary food service facilities;
(2) Makes several corrections, clarifications, and deletions of obsolete text;
(3) Promulgates a new regulation related to the requirements of micro markets.
(4) Adds new methods for the sale of cottage foods;
(5) Conforms storage temperature requirements for crab meat to COMAR 10.15.02;
(6) Specifies food disposal or reconditioning procedures;
(7) Modifies the requirements for a base of operations for mobile food service facilities; and
(8) Clarifies thawing procedures for potentially hazardous foods.​


10.15.03 Compliance Guide.pdf10.15.03 Compliance Guide.pdf Compliance Guide


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