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10.62.01-10.62.35 Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

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10.62.01-10.62.35 Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission


The purpose of this action is to:

(1) Waive the fee for patient identification cards for qualifying medical cannabis patients;
(2) Update ownership and control provisions to be consistent with new statutory requirements on ownership of a medical cannabis license;
(3) Alter the transfer of ownership interest fee in a grower, processor, or dispensary license for transfers involving an individual transferee ($500 per person instead of the current $7,000 fee);
(4) Update the inspection and enforcement provisions pertaining to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Program;
(5) Replace the term “certifying physician” with “certifying provider” in conformity with statute;
(6) Amend an existing regulation to make it mandatory for licensed dispensaries to appoint a clinical director; and
(7) Amend the definition of “medical cannabis” to exempt legal hemp (e.g. cultivated with a state or federal license) from the definition of medical cannabis.​




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