State Health Improvement Process


The State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) seeks to provide a framework for accountability, local action, and public engagement to advance the health of Maryland residents. The SHIP measures represent what it means for Maryland to be healthy. This is illustrated through a dashboard that captures data for 39 health-related measures. The focus areas of SHIP include: Health Beginnings, Health Living, Health Communities, Access to Health Care and Quality Preventative Care.

What does the program do?

  • Collect and analyze data from state and federal partners for 39 measures of health.
  • Ensure alignment and cross-platform integration of existing state and federal data sources.
  • Disseminate county rankings to each local health department.
  • Engage the public in public health data through a newsletter and social media presence.
  • Continuously improve internal operations of program (see quality improvement website for improvement storyboards).


Where can I learn more?

Questions or comments may be directed to For our updated contact information, please refer to the toolbar "Popular Links" for the "Staff Directory."
Last updated: 2021 October 8