​School Health


Healthy students are better learners. Students with academic success become healthier adults. Health risk behaviors can be reduced by promoting health and mental health in schools. School health services programs are an important part of the system of health care that promote health and wellbeing of children. School health services programs are vital to schools to meet their educational mission through their evidence-based contribution to academic success.  School health services programs provide direct services within all Maryland public schools.

What does the program do?

The Office of School Health works collaboratively with the Maryland State Department of Education to:
  • Develop standards and guidelines for school health services provided by the school nurses.
  • Provide leadership and assistance to local school health services programs.
  • Monitor and evaluate local school health services programs.
  • Coordinate with local communities, health care providers, and state leaders to promote school health services programs that support health and learning.


Where can I learn more?




Questions or comments may be directed to:

Kimberly Hiner, Director (Acting), Office of Population Health Improvement

kimberly.hiner@maryland.gov, 410-767-2301

Jamie Perry, MD, MPH, Director of School Health, Office of Population Health Improvement

jamie.perry3@maryland.gov,  667-210-3527

Last updated: 2022 September 27