Quality Improvement


Quality Improvement Office supports continuous public health process improvement. This is accomplished through training and customer service. OPHI supports quality improvement through deliberate and defined activities that are responsive to community needs, improve population health, and supports the objectives of Public Health Accreditation.

What does the program do?

  • Engender leadership commitment by communicating the importance and value of quality improvement.
  • Facilitate employee empowerment and commitment by identifying quality improvement advocates.
  • Support continuous process improvement by providing periodic training.
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration by leading quality improvement projects.
  • Focus on customer service by seeking and using feedback from customers.
  • Build a quality improvement infrastructure by institutionalizing quality improvement into Public Health Service’s structure.

Where can I learn more?

For staff of Public Health Services (PHS):

For those who want to observe QI in action​ (examples of QI projects):


For those learning to build a quality improvement program:

Questions or comments may be directed to: mdh.phsqualityimprovementcouncil@maryland.gov. For our updated contact information, please refer to the toolbar "Popular Links" for the "Staff Directory."
Last updated: 2019 June 18