Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment Program Application Process

The MLRP application process is currently operated on an annual basis and is described below.  The MLRP application process can change from year-to-year based on authorizing legislation and funding availability.  Check this webpage frequently for updates.  To sign up to receive Workforce Listserv updates, including about the Maryland Loan Repayment Programs, click here.  

Application Cycle

The annual application cycle is open from March 1 through April 15. There is only one application process for all disciplines and funding sources.  

During the MLRP application cycle, the application, consisting of a series of documents, is submitted by the applicant, their employer, and professional references to an identified email address. Verifying documentation is required from the applicant’s educational lending institution.  Complete and accurate documents must be received by the application deadline, from the associated submitters, during the application cycle (March 1, 12:00 a.m. to April 15, 11:59 p.m.) to be considered for review.

It is vital that applicants track the submission of the application documentation to ensure on-time delivery of a complete and accurate application.  As a courtesy, MDH will send reminders regarding incomplete applications at intervals during the application cycle, however, the program cannot respond to individual inquiries about application status during the open cycle and is not responsible for documentation not received.

Application Review Process

Applicant eligibility is determined utilizing the content of the application components.  It is vital that all application components share accurate and consistent information.  

Upon determination of eligibility, a technical scoring process is used to score and rank each application within the MLRP program priorities, which are based on Federal and State authorizing legislation. Example technical scoring criteria includes:

  • License or certification: Federal fund eligibility is prioritized

  • Specialty (Area of practice): Primary care is prioritized

  • ​Total educational loan indebtedness (Lender confirmed)

  • Salary (Contract confirmed)

  • Professional Competence and Conduct (As reported by applicant references)

  • Practice Site Geographic Location

  • Inpatient/Outpatient Practice: Outpatient prioritized

  • Health Professional Shortage Area and Medically Underserved Area/Population status and scores: Higher scores prioritized

  • Practice Site Not for Profit/For Profit status: Not for Profit prioritized (non-profit required for Nurses and Nursing Support Staff applicants)

Participation in MLRP is awarded based on applicant eligibility, technical scoring based on State and Federal priorities, and the availability of funding. The application process is competitive.  The highest ranked applications receive consideration for awards within available funding ranges. 

In the event that there are more eligible and recommended applicants than funds available, the Maryland Department of Health will implement a funding tier system commensurate with the technical score given by the review team.  Applicants in the highest scoring tier may receive the full requested amount, while those who scored high enough to be recommended for funding but in a lower tier may be offered and receive a lower than maximum award amount.​

Application review takes place following the closure of the application cycle.  Applicants are notified regarding the status of their applications by July 1 of the application year.

Application Materials

The program application is open from March 1, 2023 - April 15, 2023.  Applications are not accepted prior to the application cycle opening.  Any documents received prior to the opening date will be discarded and not considered for award.


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