The Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program for physicians, physician assistants, and allied health providers licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians has been established at the direction of the Maryland Legislature for professionals who are in need of treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholism, chemical dependency, or other physical or psychological conditions, and who have been referred by the Board for services. The Program is designed to facilitate access to treatment and rehabilitation services. It offers information, evaluation, and referral for treatment. Staff is also available to provide or arrange presentations on topics related to substance abuse and mental health.

Susan E. Bailey, M.D., Medical Director
Chae Kwak, LCSW-C, Director (
Laura Berg, LCSW-C, Assistant Director( 
Tanya Bryant, LCSW-C, Clinical Case Manager (
Annie Norton, LCSW-C, Clinical Case Manager  (
Linda Rodriguez, LCSW-C, Clinical Case manager (
Domenica Stone, Program Assistant (


Contact Information:

Address: Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program
1202 Maryland Avenue
2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201-5512
Phone: 410.878.9843
Fax: 410.878.9538



Helpful Links:
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Narcotics Anonymous
 Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (Federal Government)
Maryland State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration
Maryland Psychiatric Society
Mental Hygiene Administration
American Society for Addiction Medicine