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new_0_year_baby.png Help Me Be Healthy: I am 3

I will learn to like most foods.
  • You decide what healthy foods to offer me. I decide which of these to eat, and how much.
  • I can serve myself if you hold the bowl for me. I know how much I want. I might ask for more.
  • Please let me decide when I have had enough. Don’t force me to eat or make me “clean my plate.”
  • Offer me foods I like along with a new food. I might need to see the new food 10 times before I try it. I change my mind a lot. I may like a food one day and not the next. This is how I learn about new foods.

  • Make our family meals relaxed
  • Do not use food to reward or punish me. If you say I will get ice cream if I am good, I will want a treat all the time. These words are the best rewards: “I am proud of you!” “You did a good job!”
  • I am learning every day! Teach me the names of foods. Talk about their shapes, colors, and tastes. I can learn where different foods come from.
  • I need to sit down while I eat or drink. Let me sit in my booster seat at the table. I can eat most foods you do.
  • Give me a small spoon or fork and a small plate and cup.
  • Let’s wash our hands together before and after we eat.
  • Offer me safe foods
  • Give me foods that are bite sized and soft enough for me to chew easily.
  • Don’t give me foods that I can choke on: hard raw vegetables like carrots, spoonfuls of peanut butter, chips, nuts, popcorn, dried fruits, chunks of meat, or hard candy.
  • Please cut grapes and hot dogs the long way, and spread peanut butter thinly on bread.
  • Keep me safe and healthy
  • Take me to the doctor for my checkup. Ask how I am growing, and if I need a lead test.
  • Keep me away from tobacco smoke, matches, and lighters.
  • Put sunscreen on me when I play outside.
  • Buckle me into my child safety seat when I ride in a car
  • Help me have healthy teeth
  • Don’t give me sugary drinks and food. They can give me cavities.
  • Help me brush my teeth in the morning and before I go to bed at night.
  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste. Make sure I spit out the toothpaste.
  • Please floss my teeth once a day to clean between them.
  • Take me to the dentist twice a year to make sure my teeth are healthy.
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