Maryland WIC uses an electronic benefits issuance system, called eWIC to issue benefits to participants. Benefits are assigned to participants and loaded into a family benefit account. The eWIC card is used in WIC authorized stores to access the account and obtain the supplemental foods issued by the Maryland WIC Program.
WIC Authorized Product Search

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Submitting products to the WIC Approved Products List (APL)

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Maryland WIC Mobile App

For smart phone users, the Maryland WIC Mobile App can be very helpful to WIC families. You can download the app, MD WIC, from the Google Play or iPhone stores. To register, participants just need an active Maryland eWIC Card. Participants can view information about:

  • WIC appointments
  • WIC offices
  • Approved store locations
  • The Authorized Foods List
  • Food benefit balance

    While shopping, participants can scan a UPC (Barcode) to see if the food item is WIC approved and available in their WIC food balance. Participants can also receive alerts for upcoming appointments and benefits about to expire. The Maryland WIC Mobile App can help participants access other WIC resources and has links to other services. The app is available in English and Spanish.

    Maryland WIC Participant Portal Link
    Maryland eWIC Processor Information
    Solutran eWIC Services Helpdesk
    Phone: 1-866-730-7746
    email: ebt@solutran.com