Virginia I. Jones Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias Council


Virginia I. Jones was a dedicated public servant and Marylander who lived with the devastation of Alzheimer’s Disease for more than two decades. Named in her honor, the Virginia I. Jones Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias ​(ADRD) Council was authorized by Senate Bill 679 (2013), Senate Bill 549 (2016), and Senate Bill 522 (2019). It builds upon the work of the previous ADRD Commission.


Council Responsibilities

The Council is responsible for: ​

  1. Updating and advocating for the State Plan on ADRD;

  2. Examining the needs of individuals living with ADRD and their caregivers and identifying ways the State can assist in meeting those needs;

  3. Advising the Governor and the General Assembly on policy, funding, regulation, and other issues relevant to ADRD; and​

  4. Developing and promoting strategies to encourage brain health and prevent cognitive decline.

Maryland State Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease  and Related Dementias: 2022-2026​​​

The Council released its 2022-2026 State Plan to Address ADRD​ in May 2022. This comprehensive document includes goals and activities to guide partners across the state in a coordinated effort to address the needs of Maryland residents living with ADRD, their families, and caregivers. The 2022-2026 State Plan updates and builds upon the 2012 Maryland State Plan on ADRD​.

State Plan Development Process

In 2020, the Council began the process of reviewing and updating the 2012 Maryland State Plan on ADRD. The Council undertook a thorough process to reassess, enhance, and refine the 2012 State Plan's goals, strategies, and recommendations to capture advances in knowledge and practice, as well as the changing needs of Maryland residents living with ADRD, their families, and caregivers.

In January 2021, the Council convened five workgroups, each tasked with reviewing and updating one of the five original goals outlined in the 2012 State Plan. The Council solicited public feedback in a series of open listening sessions, in addition to accepting written public comments on the draft State Plan.

State ADRD Plan Goals

The updated State Plan is oriented around five goals, providing a roadmap that addresses critical issues for people living with or at risk for ADRD, families, caregivers, health systems, and the community.  

          Goal 1: Expand efforts to support public awareness, prevention, and early detection of ADRD;

          Goal 2: Enhance quality, access, and coordination of ADRD care;

          Goal 3: Enhance and expand supports for family caregivers;

          Goal 4: Advance ADRD research and encourage evidence-based practices; and

          Goal 5: Enhance data capabilities related to dementia and dementia impact and effects of 


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