Health Insurance Payment Assistance

The MADAP-Plus program helps people living with HIV/AIDS in Maryland access medication by obtaining and/or maintaining health insurance. MADAP-Plus is a statewide program, funded primarily through the Ryan White Act, that pays premiums for health insurance plans with prescription coverage (or prescription plans) for eligible clients. To qualify for payment, the health insurance must meet the following minimum standards:
  • a formulary (list of medications covered) comparable to MADAP’s
  • a coverage cap greater than $2,500

To qualify for MADAP-Plus, a person must be eligible for MADAP, be responsible for paying 50% or more of their health insurance premium, and have completed the insurance section of the MADAP Client Enrollment Application​​​ ​ (with required documentation). A copy of the person's current insurance premium bill must be included with the application.

For more information on the MADAP-Plus program, please call 410-767-6535- or 1-800-205-6308 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM (EST) Monday through Friday.