Toll Free Phone : 877-402-8219

Local Phone : 410-402-8201
Fax: 410-402-8234

    The Long Term Care Unit ensures that State licensure and Medicare/Medicaid standards are maintained for nursing homes through unannounced on-site surveys, follow-up visits, and complaint investigations. These visits are conducted by survey staff, representatives of the State’s Office of the Fire Marshal (SOFM), and the local life safety authority. Enforcement actions are taken, when appropriate, to ensure compliance with State and federal regulations.

    This unit also investigates complaints of resident abuse by staff and assists with criminal and civil prosecution of staff members who abuse vulnerable adults. This unit also has the responsibility for​ the certification of Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with mental disabilities (ICF/MR).

    Beginning March 25, 2019, all CHOW applications and documents must be submitted electronically through the Office of Health Care Quality Long Term Care CHOW Dashboard. More information and resources regarding the CHOW process can be found on the Office of Health Care Quality Long Term Care CHOW Dashboard.

    Explore comprehensive information on our Long Term Care program in the sections below:​