• Review of Maryland State Nursing Home Regulations;
          Report Required by House Bill 837 of the 2007 
          General Assemby Session:
  • Guidelines for Electronic Monitoring
    During the 2003 session, the General Assembly​ passed House Bill 149, entitled 'Vera's Law' which requires the Department of Health and 
    Mental Hygiene to develop guidelines for nursing homes that elect to use electronic 
    monitoring with the consent of a resident, or the legal representative of the resident.

    Guidelines for Electronic Monitoring provides guidance to facilities that may decide to 
    use electronic monitoring. It is a general resource tool designed to assist in the 
    facilitation and implementation of electronic monitoring requests. Facilities are 
    encouraged to use the document to develop policies and procedures that suit their own needs.​

Nursing home survey deficiency reports have been removed from this website. The OHCQ deficiency reports are still available as part of the “Maryland Consumer Guide to Long Term Care” that is located on the Maryland Health Care Commission’s website:

In 1999, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation (HB 791) requiring the Maryland Health Care Commission to develop and provide to the public, a “Nursing Home Report Card” on the quality of care in Maryland’s nursing homes. The “Report Card” contains the following information for each Maryland facility: Facility Characteristics; Residential Characteristics; Quality of Care Indicators; Deficiency Reports, if any, and a pinpoint Map location of the facility.

Begin your information search with the 'Maryland Consumer Guide to Long Term Care'. You may then search with the name of a specific nursing home, or with a zip code and mileage radius.
2007 Nursing Home Regulation Report