The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Seeks Public Comment on the Proposed Regulation:  Comprehensive Care Facilities and Extended Care Facilities.

Click below for proposed revisions to COMAR 10.07.02

Proposed COMAR 10.07.02

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) is seeking informal public comment as it prepares to revise regulations on the oversight of comprehensive care facilities and extended care facilities in Maryland.  Three stakeholder meetings will be held to discuss proposed changes to the regulation.  Specific sections of the regulation will be discussed at each meeting.  The date and regulations to be reviewed are:

October 9th                  Sections: .01 - .12
October 23rd                Sections: .13 - .25
November 6th              Sections: .26 - .46

These meetings are open to the public and will be held from 10:00am to 12:30pm at the Office of Health Care Quality. The sessions will be held in the main conference room. 
Tentative dates and topics for the stakeholder meetings are as follows:
Long-term Care Regulation Review Sessions
October 9th , 2014, 10:00am -12:30pm
.01 Definitions
.01-1 Incorporation by Reference.
.02 License Required.
.03 Licensing Procedure.
.03-1 Licensed Bed Capacity.
.04 Rights of Applicant if License Denied or Revoked.
.05 Inspection by Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene.
.06 New Construction, Conversion, Alteration, or Addition.
.07 Administration and Resident Care.
.07-1 Employee Training on Cognitive Impairment and Mental Illness.
.08 Admission and Discharge.
.09 Resident Care Policies. 
.10 Physician Services.
.11 Medical Director Qualifications.
.11–1 Medical Director Responsibilities.
.11-2 Facility’s Responsibilities in Relation to the Facility's Medical Director.
.12 Nursing Services.
October 23rd , 2014, 10:00am -12:30pm
.13 Dietetic Services.
.14 Specialized Rehabilitative Services — Occupational Therapy Services, Physical Therapy Services, Speech Pathology and Audiology Services.
.14-1 Special Care Units — General.
.14-2 Special Care Units — Respiratory Care Unit.
.14-3 Special Care Units-Dementia Care.  
.15 Pharmaceutical.
.16 Laboratory and Radiologic Services.
.17 Dental Services.
.18 Social Work Services.
.19 Resident Activities.
.20 Clinical Records.
.21 Infection Prevention and Control Program. 
.21-1 Employee Health Program. 
.21-2 Resident Health Program.
.21-3 Volunteer Health Program.
.21-4 Infection Control—Standard Precautions.
.22 Reports and Action Required in Unusual Circumstances.
.23 Transfer Agreement.
.24 Emergency and Disaster Plan.
.25 Physical Plant General Requirements.
November 6th , 2014, 10:00am -12:30pm
.26 Nursing Care Unit.
.27 Resident Bedroom and Toilet Facilities.
.28 Equipment and Supplies for Bedside Care and Therapy.
.29 Rehabilitation Facilities — Space and Equipment.
.30 Dayroom and Dining Area.
.31 Dietetic Service Area.
.32 Administrative Areas.
.33 Housekeeping Services, Pest Control, and Laundry.
.34 Resident Care Management System.
.35 Resident Status Assessment.
.36 Care Planning.
.37 Special Skin Record.
.38 Geriatric Nursing Assistant Program.
.39 Paid Feeding Assistants.
.40 Quality Assurance Program.
.41 Quality Assurance Plan.
.42 Relocation of Residents.
.43 Posting of Staffing.
.44 Sanctions.
.45 Mandated Staffing Pattern.
.46 Civil Money Penalties — Imposition.