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Maryland established its Assisted Living Program in 1996. The program’s regulations, which were implemented in January 1999, went through a long development process with stakeholder participation. The Department assured stakeholders that it would conduct an evaluation of the program after sufficient experience had been gained.

During the 2003 Legislative Session, a series of bills were introduced to make changes in Maryland’s Assisted Living Program. The Department requested that any changes be delayed until the Department could evaluate the Assisted Living Program and make a series of overall recommendations.

The Department, during that Interim, began the extensive process of evaluating Maryland’s Assisted Living Program. It convened a series of meetings and invited interested parties and stakeholders to advise the Department and assist in the evaluation of Maryland’s Assisted Living Program. The result was the formation of a workgroup or an Assisted Living Forum (ALF). There is no set membership of the ALF and its meetings are open to the public. All stakeholders, interested parties, consumers and members of the public are encouraged to participate and comment on all stages of the evaluation.
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The following resources were reviewed at Assisted Living Forum meetings: