Consumer Information

We are pleased to provide this consumer information page for Assisted Living. This page gives consumers access to many sources of information which will assist them in selecting an assisted living facility. Making information available to the public is an OHCQ priority--we will be expanding this effort over the months to come.
Click here for the MHCC Assisted Living Services Search which provides useful information to help you choose an assisted living facility that is right for you or someone you care about. The search includes the 350 assisted living residences in Maryland with 10 or more beds. You can find contact information, rates charged for accommodations services available and the results of the inspections of each residence (survey reports) done by the state Office of Health Care Quality OHCQ).
Statement of Deficiencies are violations of State regulations governing assisted living facilities (Code of Maryland Regulations 10.07.14) which result from annual surveys or complaint investigations. Some deficiencies are more significant in nature than others.

If the Statement of Deficiencies is unavailable, please e-mail: Be sure to specify the name of the facility or facilities. The OHCQ will respond to most requests via e-mail with no charge. Very large requests, requiring a great deal of time to complete, may result in a fee to offset expenses. We will advise you of a possible fee before fulfilling the request.

A Plan of Correction (the facility’s response to the Statement of Deficiencies found in the survey report) may be obtained by e-mailing your request to Be sure to specify the name of the facility.

Note: The facility’s Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction are also required to be available at the assisted living facility.

Here are some additional sources of information on Assisted Living in Maryland
Maryland Guide to Assisted Living Facilities
The Maryland Healthcare Commission has a guide to Assistant Living Facilities that provides useful information to help consumers choose an assisted living facility.

Assisted Living in Maryland: What You Need to Know
The Maryland Department of Aging has a guide that provides important information about Assisted Living in Maryland for consumers.

Office of Health Care Quality Licensee Directory
Here you can access the contact information for Assisted Living Facilities that are regulated by OHCQ.

Assisted Living Provider Service Disclosure Form
Each Assisted Living provider is required by Maryland law to make available, upon request, a completed copy of the Maryland Assisted Living Program Uniform Disclosure Statement. The disclosure statement gives prospective residents and their families consistent categories of information, like staffing, services, and fees, from which to make an informed selection. If an Assisted Living Program fails to provide a completed Disclosure Statement to you with its marketing materials or upon your request, please contact our office.