Of Interest to Assisted Living Providers




Note: Shawn Settles, Program Manager is the contact person for the 80 hour and 20 hour course. Shawn Settles can be reached at 410-402-8180 & his e-mail address is Shawn.Settles@maryland.gov

All questions pertaining to the 80 hour and 20 hour course should be forwarded to Ms. Tyson. Any course material submitted for approval is to be addressed to the attention of Shawn Settles.

5-hour course in Caring for Persons with Cognitive Impairment and related Mental Health Issues
For training offered by the Alzheimer's Association, Greater Maryland Chapter,
please go to: http://www.alz.org/maryland/in_my_community_professionals_​calendar.asp 

For training offered by the Alzheimer's Association, National Capital Area Chapter, please go to: http://www.alz-nca.org/education/training.php
For on-line training courses offered by Parkinson's Disease Foundation, please go to:
Of Interest to DD Providers
For training offered by the Developmental Disabilities Administration, go to DDA's website at: www.ddamaryland.org and click on "Training".