​Behavioral Health Licensing Unit

Telephone:  410-402-8198

The Behavioral Health Licensing Unit is the licensing and approval agent for the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA). I​ts primary function is to ensure that consumers in the state of Maryland receive quality behavioral health services. This is achieved through the regulatory process as governed by the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 10 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Subtitle 63 Community-Based Behavioral Health Programs and Services.

Community Mental Health programs include: 
  • ​Group Homes for Adults with Mental Illness (GH), 
  • Mental Health Vocational Programs (MHVP),
  • Mobile Treatment Services (MTS), 
  • Outpatient Mental Health Center (OHMC),
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP),
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for Minors (PRP for Minors),
  • Psychiatric Day Treatment Services (Partial Hospitalization Program PHP), 
  • Residential Rehabilitation Programs (RRP), 
  • Residential Crisis Services (RCS), 
  • Respite Care Services (RPCS), 
  • Therapeutic Group Homes (TGH) 
  • Therapeutic Nursery Programs (TNP).