Q. Where can I find State regulations?
A. Maryland Division of State Documents (DSD) - The DSD publishes and compiles all state regulations in the Code of Maryland Regulations. Regulations may be downloaded and printed from the DSD website.

Maryland General Assembly (MGA) - The MGA website provides online access to the Annotated Code of Maryland (state laws). Laws may be downloaded and printed from the website. The Code is available for reference use at all public libraries in Maryland.
Q. Is there a resource that explains assisted living and helps a family to select an assisted living home?
A. The Assisted Living in Maryland guide is available on the Maryland Department of Aging's website at
Q. What is the latest edition of the Diet Manual for Long-Term Care Patients which is written by Office of Health Care Quality?
A. Click here for more information and to download the order form.
Q. Is the medication management video for assisted living homes still available?
A. Yes. The Assisted Living Cueing and Coaching Video is still available. Click here to download the order form.
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