Consumer FAQ's 

Consumer FAQ’s is our updated reference guide for Consumers. You will find links to other web sites that can answer frequently asked questions such as "What question do I ask when looking for a nursing home?. Where to Go for Help can also help you to locate information on OHCQ's web site.
Q. How can I make a complaint about a hospital, nursing home, clinical laboratory, home health agency, group home, dialysis center, substance abuse or mental health program or another health care provider?
A. To make a complaint about health care facilities, programs, and providers, call the Office Of Health Care Quality.  For more information Click Here​​​
Q. How can I make a complaint about an HMO?
A. To make a complaint about an HMO, contact Consumer Complaints at the Maryland Insurance Administration.​
Q. How can I make a complaint about a physician?
A. The Maryland Board of Physician Quality Assurance (BPQA) investigates complaints against physicians.
Q. How can I find out if my doctor has ever had a complaint filed against him or her or been subject to disciplinary action?
A. The Maryland Board of Physician Quality Assurance (BPQA) can give you this information about physicians.
Q. What questions do I ask when I’m looking for a nursing home?
A. Several publications are available that can help you to choose a nursing home, including what questions to ask, a description of general nursing home services, what to look for when you tour a nursing home, how to finance the nursing stay, and much more. Go to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office
Q. How can I find out the inspection results of a nursing home?
A. Nursing home inspection results are considered public information. To obtain this information, you may make an appointment to look at our files or call to request the information by mail.

Spring Grove Center
Bland Bryant Building
55 Wade Avenue
Catonsville, Maryland 21228
Attn: Public Information Request
Phone: (410) 402-8000

Inspection results are also available from the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). Go to HCFA at Use the Nursing Home Compare page.
Q. Where can I find services for an aging parent, relative or friend?
A. The Maryland Department on Aging is a good resource. For more information, Go to:​
Q. Where can I get help with health insurance issues or other consumer issues?
A. The Maryland Insurance Administration can help you to solve insurance issues. For more information, Go to:

To get help with other consumer issues, Go to the Consumer Protection Office of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office web site at:
Q. Where can I find the regulations for different types of health care services or programs such as hospitals, HMOs, assisted living, home health, substance abuse programs, nursing homes, etc.?
A. The Office of Health Care Quality Regulations page contains links to the COMAR that provides quality of care licensing standards for health care providers and facilities.​
Q. Is legal help available for an assisted living resident, family members of a residents, or small assisted living providers?
A. Yes. The Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. provides free legal help to assisted living residents or their family members if you meet certain financial eligibility requirements.