To All DHMH Employees:

Welcome to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s web-site for Diversity andInclusion! In 2008 the Office of Diversity and Inclusion was established by the Secretaryto specifically address two critical and related objectives:

  • increasing the diversity of our workforce, and
  • improving the sense and actuality of inclusion in the culture, activities, strategies,and direction of our workplace

These objectives are important, not only to DHMH and its employees, but also to theresidents of Maryland whom we serve. “Why?” you ask. Well, not only is it the “right”thing to do because of our principles of fairness, equity, and appropriateness, but becausewe are also obligated and committed to being able to effectively meet the public healthneeds of a Maryland whose population demographics are rapidly changing. To do this, itis imperative that we have people in all capacities and at all levels throughout theorganization who know, understand, and can establish and sustain effective relationshipswith a population that is becoming more diverse in terms of race, age, languages,educational levels, culture, sexual orientation and national origins.

Like our country, our state is evolving in terms of its demographics. This transformation,while challenging, provides us with the opportunity and necessity to find new ways to plan, create, implement, evaluate and manage new strategies, using innovativetechniques, in a work environment that encourages differences and relationships thatwork together effectively to serve “One Maryland”.

I encourage you to explore and experience this web-site. It is designed to assist,encourage, and facilitate a greater awareness and understanding of the emergence of anew work place environment; an environment that supports and embraces both diversityand inclusion as workforce strategies that are both “right” and “smart”.

Again, I welcome each of you to join me on this journey and look forward to your ideas,assistance, cooperation, and commitment. It will be my pleasure to serve you as we takepride and pleasure in working together to serve all Marylanders.


Rod Taylor,
Executive Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion