1. What are the laws that prohibit job discrimination?

2. What discriminatory practices are prohibited by these laws?

3. Who can file a charge of discrimination?

4. What information is needed to file a complaint?

5. What are the time limits for filing a charge of discrimination?

6. What happens after a charge is filed with EEO?

7. How does the EEO resolve discrimination complaints?

8. What remedies are available if discrimination is found?


1. How will I recognize a Limit English Proficiency (LEP) person?

2. What conditions does LEP apply to?

3. What are examples of language assistance?


1. How can I file a complaint of discrimination in services delivery or treatment?

2. How can I access interpreter or foreign language services for medical emergencies?

3. Is it mandatory to put the Maryland Relay number on all program literature or office correspondence?

4. Are programs and facilities required to post their non-discriminatory policy procedures?


1. What is the MBE Program?

2. What is an MBE?

3. How does MDOT determine what businesses can participate in the MBE program?

4. What are the advantages of becoming certified as an MBE?

5. How does MDOT establish goals for minority business participation?

6. Once certified, can a firm be assured of getting contracts and subcontracts?

7. What is expected of the MBE once a contract is awarded?

8. How can suspected abuse of the MBE program be reported?

9. Where can I find information on upcoming contract opportunities?