What Medical Assistance Will Do For You

Medical Assistance:
  • Covers most medical services for individuals who have no other health insurance, including some services that people with disabilities need, but other health insurance rarely covers – such as transportation for medical appointments, some psychiatric rehabilitation services, and personal care services.  Other than the premium to enroll in EID, the only costs for covered services – if you use providers who accept Medical Assistance - are small co-payments for prescriptions ($1 for generic drugs; $3 for name brand drugs).  You pay nothing for any other covered services.
  • If you lose your job due to medical reasons or through involuntary job loss while enrolled in the EID Program, you may request to stay on the program for up to six months within a one year period while unemployed.  You must continue to make your premium payments and meet all other EID eligibility requirements in order to stay in the EID Program.
  • Saves individuals with Medicare $1,000 - $12,000 a year by covering Medicare premiums, deductibles and co-insurance.  You can keep Medicare, but pay much less.  Click here for more Medicare details​.
  • Supplements private insurance, paying for some services that the other insurance does not cover.