How to Apply

You can apply for EID on your own or with help from other agencies.  To apply on your own, complete the EID Application​​​. Gather the needed documents you have available (see EID Documents to Enclose​).  Print the application, sign and date it, enclose the supporting documents, and mail to:

Eligibility Determination Division
EID Program
Maryland Department of Health
6 St. Paul Street, 4th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

The electronic application can be downloaded, completed, printed, and saved.  Although the application must be printed and mailed, it should also be saved on your computer.  When you enroll in EID, you must reapply every six months.  Having the saved application on your computer makes it easy to update the information every six months when you need to reapply.

What if you need help applying or don’t have a computer? 

If you are served by a disability agency in Maryland, that agency may be able to help you apply for EID.  Ask them if they can assist you.

If you are not connected with a disability agency (or if the agencies you are connected with can’t help you apply), you can contact the Center for Independent Living closest to you for free assistance.

If you have questions about the status of your EID application, you can contact the Eligibility Determination Division (EDD) at 410-767-7090.  EDD determines eligibility for EID.