Aero Medical Transportation

​The Maryland Medical Assistance will also cover both fixed wing and helicopter transport of patients when medically necessary. This service is limited to inter-facility transports, where the sending facility lacks a service that the receiving facility can provide and ground transport is medically contraindicated. 
Rotary Wing aero medical transport must be pre-certified in order to obtain reimbursement. In cases where pre-certification is not possible, a retro-certification process is available. The Baltimore City Health Department is contracted to pre-certify, review all claims and to issue payment. The Air Ambulance Transmittal and Provider Certification for Medical Assistance Air Transportation in Ambulance Transmittal should be reviewed for further information. 
Fixed wing medical transportation is available by advance arrangement only, when medically necessary.  All necessary arrangements for fixed wing transport must be initiated by the Baltimore City Health Department.  Sending facilities may contact the Baltimore City Health Department direct at (410) 396-7433 to request fixed wing transportation. 
Effective 1/1/2019 claims must be submitted within 30 days of the Date of Service. Please see the linked memo for guidance.
For further information please review the Air Transport Manual.